TimeTec Security Benefits
Take that leap, shift to TimeTec Security and start managing your security concerns from the cloud. The readily available Apps are carefully designed for your convenience and the system is up to date at all times. With TimeTec Security, the security is assured from the ground up, leaving you the peace of mind you needed.
Tapping on the readily available technologies
The availability of the Internet and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technologies makes implementation of TimeTec Security a breeze and feasible.
Easy & affordable deployment
The hardware are designed with Do-It-Yourself in mind and customers do not need to fork out a fortune on hardware, customise solutions and maintenance because with TimeTec Security the software and the Apps are constantly updated and the UI is user-intuitive to produce positive user experience.
Control Made Easy via App
The control of your IoT devices is placed on your smartphones and you can view activity logs and much more in real time and with so much convenience and it is even possible for a mere normal user to view his own activity logs through his smartphone.
Smartphone as Credentials
Gone were the days where keys, passwords and codes are your credentials because now is the time whereby smartphones are your credentials. The smartphones are ubiquitous, personal, secure, easier to manage and they are location aware with GPS feature integration.
Better Security
Application and data in TimeTec Security are hosted in physically secure co-location facilities and we have redundant servers to ensure better uptime and no data lost. All communications are highly encrypted and TimeTec Security deploys our patent-pending two-layer authentication, first in-App verification and followed by a BLE authentication for a secure access.
Secure Communications
All communications from the TimeTec System Server are secured with 256-bit AES encryption, and through the use of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol. SSL provides end-point authentication and communication privacy – preventing eavesdropping, tampering and message forgery.
Multi-Level Tenancy
With multi Tenancy in place, the application software can be scaled based on load and performance needs, thereby reducing the overall operational cost of the entire infrastructure. One application serves all clients and each client’s data sets are partitioned on the server and kept secure. The application itself serves as the entire ecosystem. The distinct advantage is for security updates – e.g. protecting the operating system that manages the underlying system. Most operating systems are Linux or Windows, which require patches.
Scalable and on-demand
The server used must be flexible to cater to the customer’s demand. If a customer needs to add (or subtract) users or doors, then the system must be able to adapt quickly to those needs, i.e. rapid elasticity, and multi-tenancy wiill auto scale based on load. Since any customer can use any application tier server, the utilization is maximum keeping the overall cost low. And backup servers are in place in case any error occurs.