FingerTec DL-30B
RFID Smart Lock
FingerTec DL-30B is a smart RFID door lock that comes with a few unlocking credentials i.e. key, password, card and smartphone access via Bluetooth 4.0. It has an independent, patent protected clutch motor design giving options to a set of 3 User Group Types: Admin, Regular Users or Temporary Users. Install TimeTec Security App to manage DL-30B straight from your smartphone. Leave the traditional door lock behind, choose DL-30B for your modern lifestyle.

Regulate Access with Group Types

Determine who's Admin, Regular Users and Temporary Users for better access management.
Variety of Unlocking Credentials
Mechanical key, password, card or your smartphone's Bluetooth 4.0 connection, up to 100 users.
Yes for NO
Resort for convenience with Normally Open (NO) type, caters for offices with regular visitor access.
Only 4AA for A Year
4 alkaline batteries to operate over 6000 accesses, approximately a year of use before the low-battery warning indication.

Reversible Handle
Customize your handle, left-open or right-open, take your pick.
Inner Lock Switch
Lock it from inside for extra security.
Caters to Different Door Thickness
From 30-38, 39-46, 47-54 and 55-60, DL-30B covers it all.
Robust Material
Made of Zinc Alloy for greater strength and resistance to corrosion.
Emergency Override Key
You know where it is in case of emergencies.
App is Free
Download TimeTec Security App in Android and iOS
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